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How does success come?

A couple of days  ago I watched a movie about what should a person do if he wants to achieve what he wants.The film is called “The Secret” and I recommend everybody who haven’t seen the movie to do so.

The movie shows us that the law of attraction is what makes our wishes come true.In other words,if we really want something,constatntly imagine we have it,make our invironment remind us that exactly that is what we want,it comes true.And it doesn’t matter what it is,how big it is,how hard to be accomplished,if we want it with our hearts and see yourselves already having it then it comes to us because of the law of attraction.

Of course it is not that simple,you imagine something and it appears in front of you,but that is the basic thing you should do if you want something.Of course,there are a lot of peole who disagree whit that low,but I myself,having read books about it,having personal experience,and after watching the film am completely positive that if we realy wish something and believe we can achieve it: “The universe will answer to our wishes”,as it is said in the movie.

As in the book “The Alchemist”,also recommended,we could see how the universe was giving signs to the main character of the story,it was guiding him.And although at times it was really hard to him,he never gave up.That is the other important thing to do if we want to achieve something,never gave up on our dreams.As I started soundung very traditional and writing things that everyone would say “everyone knows that…”  I shall stop here,and if you watch the movie you would know what i had in mind.

And those who haven’t watched th movie,please comment the post before and after wathing it.Thanks 🙂



Hey guys,how are you? I finally decided to do my own blog and actually I think I shall quite like it. I have always wanted to express my thoughts somewhere,I have even started writing a book(a complete failure) but that blog thing is really cool. To be honest I am quite lazy most of the time,but I shall write now and then and hope shall receive interesting comments… 🙂